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The restaurant was founded in 2023 by owner Stella Spanu, a Boulder local. Honoring her Italian heritage and embracing her passion for food and hospitality, Spanu’s philosophy is to have a dining experience that stimulates all senses by incorporating visual art, design, music, premier service, comfortable seating and fresh, authentic Italian cuisine. The space, an Art Deco inspiration, was conceptualized and built by architect Miguel Quismondo.

Born and raised in a small Tuscan seaside village, award-winning culinary expert, Chef Filippo, has created a world-class menu, highlighting traditions from all over Italy. The menu features house-made pastas with imported ingredients directly from Italy, while also incorporating locally sourced ingredients from Colorado farms. The menu is accompanied by an extensive selection of Italian wines and specialty cocktails.

Stella’s has an eclectic live music program and a dance floor with a state-of-the-art sound system. Thursday through Saturday, after dinner service, the space will transform into a lounge while guests are encouraged to enjoy beverages, the dance floor, and a wide variety of music. 

Designed to be a feast for the senses, Stella’s Cucina is poised to become the region's most memorable destination for dining and entertainment.

our people

Stella spanu


Growing up between Rome and New York City, Stella's culinary journey began from a young age. Her father, a restaurateur from Sardegna, instilled the love of Italian cuisine in her, cultivating a passion that would lead her to open her own restaurant. After attending the University of Colorado, where she earned two degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Sociology, she fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and established her roots in Boulder.

A young entrepreneur with a sensibility towards art, culture, and hospitality, Stella wanted to explore new concepts in the way people approach fine dining. Her love of traveling and international culinary experiences sparked an idea to bring the best of Italian traditions to a contemporary space, ultimately culminating in Stella's Cucina, a restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine in a modern design setting with a dynamic music program.

Filippo piccini

executive chef

Chef Filippo Piccini brings his culinary talents to Stella's Cucina after previously serving as Executive Chef at Solare Ristorante Italiano. Chef Piccini has served at multiple Michelin Star-rated restaurants under globally-renowned chefs including Valeria Piccini, Gennaro Esposito, Enrico Cerea and wine mentor Luigi Veronelli.

Filippo was born and raised in Saturnia, a small seaside village in Tuscany. Situated in the central region of Italy, home to the greatest food and one of the most notorious wine regions in the world. His mother's homemade cooking is what inspired his love and interest in gastronomy.

"From all the chefs I worked with and the ones I’ve met in 28 years of my career, I’ve learned that almost all parts of an ingredient is edible and we have the duty and the pleasure of creating something exciting." - Chef Filippo Piccini